MMOCrawlerbots – your Bot for WoW

Wow Bot update


The WoW Bot works with newest world of warcraft version and supports the new content Mists of Pandaria 5.4!

Wow Bot leveling


Kills mobs from level 1 to 90. Also supports vendoring, mailboxes and much more.

Wow Bot pvp

Optimal for questing

The bot can do questing to level your character up quickly.

Wow Bot gold

Rising business

Whether for minors, herbalists,
skinners, archaeologists and fishermen, our bot take care of all the trades for you save this laborious work.

Wow Bot gathering farming

AFK undetectable

Our anti warden makes botting more safety.

Wow Bot community


A big community to share your experience or ask for help if you have any troubles.

The WoW Bot will help with all daily tasks. There are different modes, which do different tasks in World of Warcraft. Most of the time the bot can run unattended, so you can do things in your real life. Try the free 20-minutes trial version of the WoW Bot.